Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry


on February 9, 2009
Found along the Greenway

Art, eh?

The word itself is uninspiring to me.

The only thing that comes to mind are the words P whispers in my ear whenever we go to a particularly conceptual play or an exhibit that we think is reaching a bit far.  He first sniffs the air a few times, quietly, subtly, and then he leans over to my ear and whispers, conspiratorially, “Who arted?”


4 responses to “Art

  1. floreta says:

    that’s funny! especially since those arty places are supposed to be ‘serious’

  2. lilibeth says:

    funny… but kind of sad too.

  3. Ssquo says:

    haha, funny. conspiratorially – ok thats a mouthful!

  4. paschal says:

    Nicely aromatic.

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