Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

And a very merry birthday

on February 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, dad.

Hope you’re listening somewhere, somehow.

I hope you know Phil and I celebrated last night by cracking open the last bottle of your homemade wine to wash down the the mac & cheese, made just the way you always did.  It’s my best batch yet, so I think that, somehow, you were celebrating with us.  I cried right as we were serving it up.  But then we watched TV, just as you would have.  Although I doubt you would have thought much of our show-of-choice.

I got up early this morning to drive to La Crosse with some friends for the big organic conference.  It’s been a fun day – lots of good info, lots of laughs – but I’ve missed you.  I almost didn’t come so I could stay home and celebrate your birthday with Phil, but you would have been sad if I would have missed something I so enjoy, so we celebrated yesterday instead.   Hope you don’t mind.

I still think of you lots, and Phil and I both miss you something terrible.  I’m not all that sad about missing Nica, so don’t you worry about that.  We put in another offer on a house yesterday.  I wish you would have been around so I could have called you and told you about it.  You’re the only person I could always count on to just be there, and to be excited for whatever step I was going to take next.  Calling anyone else just isn’t the same.

I hope you’re happy wherever you are.  I hope you have the freedom to do as you please not encumbered by a broken body.  I hope you’re staying kind of close – at least some of the time.  And I hope you know you’re throughly missed by a large lot of us.  We love you.  Happy birthday, daddy.


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