Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

Home again

on April 16, 2009

Despite the best intentions of updating at least a little bit while I was away, I barely had enough internet time to pound out wee emails to P to let him know that we were still alive.

I spent eleven days driving with a friend to her new home in Alaska. I joined her for the Canadian/Alaskan Highway leg of her massive two month van trip to Fairbanks. The trip was relaxing and fun, good bonding time, spectacular mountain scenery, and lots of wildlife. We snowshoed in De*nali Nati*onal Pa*rk and were almost the only ones there. We saw bison chilling out in the mountains. We saw caribou and Santa’s house and the world’s largest weather vane. We ate self proclaimed world famous carrot cake. We ate cinnamon rolls at the “Cinnamon Bun Center of the Galactic Cluster.” I could go on, but in reality I’m staring at the clock knowing I have to work in a few short hours. I’m jet lagged and still adjusting. I should be sleeping.

More to come. Maybe this weekend.


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