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What I’ve Been Up To

on May 10, 2009

This week’s Sunday Scribbling’s prompt was “Healing.”  I couldn’t go there.  I have had enough of The Sad.  It’s time to move on to Other Stuff.  Here we go.


Info about cordials has been popping into my radar everywhere I look.  I thought it was time I made a little of my own.  Here is some peach, strawberry, and blackberry.  It will be ready about July 1st.  Just in time for heat of the summer.  Yum, yum.

First Morel Find, Mpls, 2009

The morels are right on time this year.  This was our Mother’s Day find (also known as Mushroom Day our household).  Nearly one pound.  All delicious.


Cinnamon Rolls Gone Wild

Last weekend I was feeling a little sad and decided to make cinnamon rolls.  This was the result of the first fermentation.  The next two didn’t go so bad, but then we burnt them in the oven.  And ruined a pan.  It was very sad and didn’t help my mood much.  The picture is kind of funny, though.  

First asparagus spear

Ah, this picture is sideways and I don’t think wordpress will let me rotate it.  But can you find the asparagus?  I can’t wait to eat them in, like, three years.

Rage against the Squirrels

This was P’s ingenious solution to keep the squirrels from tearing up our veggie starts.  It works, but it won’t work for much longer as they’re getting too tall.  I hope the soil warms up already so we can plant the rest of this in the ground!

That’s all I’ve got for tonight.  I’ve promised P a game of Sequen*ce, so I’d better hop to it.


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