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A Peak into the Garden

on May 19, 2009

The warmth has really given the garden a kick in the pants.  

Bike and Trailer

On Sunday afternoon I needed a little therapy so I loaded up the bike trailer with garden stuff and spent the afternoon puttering away.  Ahh, much better.


This is a new variety of lettuce, forellenschuess.  I still haven’t figured out how to pronounce it.  It’s a romaine, supposedly bolt resistant during the hotter months.  It’s growing beautifully.  I can’t wait to eat it.  (Notice the anti-squirrel chicken wire – so far, so good).


One of my favorites – the peas.  They’re finally getting going.  I’m guessing a month until we’re rolling in peas!  I’m planning on letting the vines grow straight through the chicken wire.  

Collards and kales

We got our greens started early this year.  I think the starts went into the ground April 17th?  In any case, I’m very proud of them.  Aren’t they beautiful?  It’s not long until we’ll be eating these.  


The sweet potatoes, however, are looking a little sad.  The instructions said they’re really tough plants and will do fine even if they arrive “covered in yellow slime and smell unbearable.”  So I think we’ll be okay?

Unknown Flowers

I direct seeded some flowers this year.  Some forget-me-nots, velvet-queen sunflowers, bee’s friend.  I’m not sure which ones these were but I’m loving the foliage so far.  So pretty!

Potato Plants

The potato plants.  They make me so happy!  It took nearly a month, but eventually all of them came up.  We have 20 potato plants tucked in here and there.  Even though it takes ’em a while to get going, they seem to grow by the minute once they’re up.  

I have a few more, but, once again, can’t rotate them.  Damn.  Next time.


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