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All In A Day’s Work

on June 6, 2009

This week was my MIL’s birthday.  So I whipped up this tote with burlap from our wedding tablecloths and stashed fabric.  We filled it with some scrap-booking paper and a Su*nlight Pri*nt Kit

Burlap Bag

I must confess – I used it myself a few times (the tote, not the paper or the kit).  You know, just to test drive it, make sure it would hold up…  It did and I see a few more of these in my future.

Burlap Bag - Long View

I also baked up her favorite cake – German Chocolate.  It was suppose to be a three-layer, but due to a kitchen disaster, we only ended up with two.  It all worked out in the end – P and I got a layer for breakfast, the cake survived the car trip better than a three-layer would have, and there was more FPL (frosting per layer) which is always a good thing.

German Chocolate Cake

Not the most beautiful cake the world, but pretty damn tasty.  We even have a little left over for breakfast.  Cake for breakfast two days in a row?  We’re lucky people around here.


One response to “All In A Day’s Work

  1. Katrina says:

    That is such a cute bag! And I’m all about handmade things at the moment. Your MIL is one lucky lady. My MIL on the other hand just gets plants to put in her garden cause I have no idea how to actually make anything but food.

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