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Lots of Eating and a Little Gardening

on June 13, 2009

Oh, boy, we’ve been cooking a lot lately.  I managed to sneak in a few photos of the lovely things coming out of our kitchen.  

Last year P asked his parents for a paella pan for his birthday.  I rolled my eyes, wondering if we’d ever use it, wondering where we’d put the huge pan.  Little did I know it would become one our favorite go-to dinners.  It’s reasonably quick, uses up all kinds of goodies from the freezer and cupboard, chock full of veggies, easy, delicious.  Until now, we’d stuck to vegetarian and simple shrimp paellas.  But a few days ago I picked up some fish bones from our favorite seafood place and made fish stock for the real deal.

Fish Stock

Then last night P put together this:


Mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, peas, peppers… yum!  Most of the produce came from last year’s freezer bounty and some of the herbs from this year’s garden.  It was sooooo good.

Up Close Paella

Then, after seeing this I had to make some for us.  


And of course, homemade marshmallows call for homemade graham crackers.  Oh, so delicious.  They’re crispy, sweet and oaty.  Boxed grahams don’t even cast a shadow on these.  We pulled out some plain chocolate (Theo 75% cacao, Ivory Coast single origin is all we had.  Aww.  Life is so hard) and some peanut butter and created the Ultimate Yuppie S’more.

 Yuppie Smores

The mallows melted so beautifully.  The grahams were so crunchy.  The chocolate, so chocolately.  And the peanut butter created the harmony between them all.  We’re so spoiled.  All this eating has required some some gardening to work off all the calories.  I know we live in Minnesota and I’m well aware that Minnesota is not tropical.  BUT I’d heard of people growing ginger here (at least as an annual) and I had to try it.  And if I’m growing ginger, why not tumeric?

Ginger and Tumeric ready for the garden

I planted a chunk two weeks ago.  But those damn squirrels dug it right up.  It was during our hellacious dry spell, so they were probably going for the moisture in the tuber.  But still.  I knew that was a risk and thus chicken wired it.  But they dug the stakes out and managed to get underneath.  Ah well.  There was more where that came from.  This is the second batch, soaking overnight.  It’s now been planted and now we wait.  We haven’t been able to grow much in that part of the garden, so we’ll see what happens.  It is a spot with bright, filtered light which, supposedly, is ideal for ginger.  

We’re off to the farmer’s market.  May you have a wonderful weekend.


One response to “Lots of Eating and a Little Gardening

  1. Katrina says:

    So I’m not a seafood eater and therefore cannot comment on your paella (although, I wish I did like seafood so I could have some; it looks yummy), but I do love a good s’more. That one you’ve got there looks scrumptious! Thanks so much for the links. Now I’m gonna skip work and make some for myself. Ok, I’ll just dream about it and wait for work to be over THEN make some.

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