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Summery Stuff

on July 20, 2009

It’s been a while!  It’s summer and we’ve been busy.  First off, I’d like to introduce:


Our New House!!  We found one AND they accepted our offer.  It wasn’t our first choice part of town, or our second, but it’s cute, well-cared for, affordable, and has a triple lot.  Once I got over how much work it’s going to be, I fell in love. 


A peak into our new yard.  Some trees need to be removed and trimmed, and the soil needs some love, but one day this will be our little version of paradise.


The actual signed purchase agreement has Phil and I making long lists of things we need.  We’re trying to prioritize and keep it simple, but the list keeps getting longer.  I found this wheelbarrow and 14′ extension ladder at a garage sale for $30 for the pair.  The wheelbarrow is very large and heavy duty.  Perfect for the new yard.  We only have a small car, so this was the only way to get it home.  The man couldn’t believe this was how I was going to get it home!


With all the hoopla, most crafty things have been put on hold.  I did find time to knit up this sweet Texas washcloth for a friend.  He’s from Texas and I thought he could use a reminder of warmer places during this cold MN summer.


And on to the food.  We went to a potluck reception for some CSA farmer friends of ours.  Their cake was so freaking awesome.  Flourless chocolate torte with marizpan veggies. 



Between the cheesemaking class we took last weekend, and the free fermentation series I’m involved with, there have been a lot of experiments in our kitchen this summer.  This is my second batch of kimchi – a spicy korean cabbage pickle.  I’ve missed it since returning from that lovely land and now I can make my own.  yummy!


The ginger bug I’ve started to carbonate a batch of sour cherry ginger ale.  The cherries were gleaned off an empty lot in uptown.  Tonight I’ll mix it all together and by the weekend we should be enjoying the soda. 

DSC_0034Speaking of carbonating, I’ve finally started putting my keifer grains to good use.  They’re currently carbonating a test of ginger beer.  So far, so good. 


Too bad the coloring is so off.  This is the yummy olive-oil cured cow’s milk feta-style cheese we learned to make in our cheese class.  We’ve got extra milk coming on our milk order this week to start making our own.  It’s so good.DSC_0382

We’re having a fun summer.  Hope you are, too!


One response to “Summery Stuff

  1. Katrina says:

    Wow, wow, wow! The house is so fantastic, and that fact that you knitted that washcloth is amazing! How in the world did you manage to cart that stuff with a bike?!? I hope you didn’t have to go too far.

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