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Moved (and moving!)

on September 19, 2009

Last Thursday we picked up the moving truck at 7:30am.  I went to class, came home, helped load the truck, ate a quick lunch, packed some more, went to class, went to three-hour chemistry lab, came home, packed some more.  We drove to the new house, unpacked the truck, drove back to Minneapolis, dropped off the truck, picked up the car, and went home.  I landed in bed at 2:10am – body and brain dead tired.

I feel like a gangly teenager trying to coordinate my awkward limbs.  We’re eating out almost every meal.  We have no kitchen to speak of.  We’re going to coffee shops and the library for internet.  We need it not only to fuel the addiction, but we’re both in web-based classes and can’t be cut off too long.  We’re in the process of getting internet at home, but it’s taking a while.  Starting tomorrow I’ll have a very different commute and I have no idea how long it will take.   The future and it’s rhythms are very different than any in my past, any in our past.  P and I celebrate one year of marriage tomorrow.  

It’s all very different and very new.  I’m tired and struggling with the changes.  Although I’m trying to find mental space to savor them because this is the last big change in our foreseeable future.  It seems like the early part of life is full of milestones and new accomplishments.  There is always a finish  line within sight – a new grade level, a later bedtime, college, moving away from home, a wedding, a new house.   But I’m running out of those.  A baby seems like the next logical milestone, but we’re not going in that direction any time soon.

For the time being I’ll be working (still three jobs, although that will be changing in short order), settling into a new house, going to school, finding my way in the big city of Saint Paul, trying to make new friends, new connections, and figuring out a second year of marriage.  



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