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Crafty Moments

on October 30, 2009

Midterms.  I survived round one, but it seems like the U of M had three rounds of midterms which, to my logical mind, should be called “third terms” but it’s not catching on.  In the cracks between studying I’ve found some knitting time to help calm my frenzied mind.


I finished my riverbanks hood!  It was a record knit – less than 4 days.  Great pattern, easy to follow.  I modified it slightly by making the neck section significantly shorter.  I had a hard time with picking up the stitches after I pulled out the provisional stitches.  (Ok, let’s be honest, I had a hard time pulling out the provisional stitches which, of course, making picking up the live stitches impossible.)   But I eventually picked up enough of something to knit a few rounds and then cast off.  I’m a little surprised by the number of people who want to make the neck longer.  I like it just long enough to tuck into a sweatshirt or jacket.  I don’t need added bulk.  

This pattern, in particular, solved a number of problems for me.  Hats (any and all hats) make my forehead itch.  Alpaca?  Super soft merino?  Baseball caps?  Bucket hats?  yes.  yes.  yes.  yes!  It’s a real hassle.  I wear them anyway, but usually have to pull them off after a few hours.  This allows me the benefit of a hat without the forehead problem.  I also hate things around my neck.  Like scarves.  I feel like I’m choking.  Yes, yes, I wear them anyway, but the riverbanks hood allows me sweet insulation of a scarf without clawing my own neck.  A real plus.  Besides, I can continue to wear a ponytail without any re-adjustment needed.  It’s lovely.

I tend to roll in the “points” around the face as my blocking didn’t go well.  Ellie decided the blocking riverbanks was the perfect place to park her charming self for an entire afternoon.  Any shaping?  Out the window.

Speaking of the little devil.

Ellie and Hat

Doesn’t she  make a charming model for the little preemie hat I knit for my new niece?  I’m not sure it’s going to fit, but I had to knit something up anyway.  Super-soft super-wash super-warm merino wool.  She’s in the NICU so I’m not able to see her for a few days.  Damn H1N1.  But I’ll be ready, a good aunt should, to squeeze her sweet little cheeks once I do meet the little cutie.  Ellie Hat 2


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