Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

dreams do come true

on November 11, 2009

When we bought our house, we also bought a 1/3 acre of land.  It was more than I’d ever dared hope for – a cute house sitting on a large lot in the near-middle of the big city.  We didn’t quite get the neighborhoods we wanted, the neighbors we were hoping for, or the fire place we wished for, but we did get a lot of our list.  

Until now my gardening experiments were primarely annual veggies and flowers.  Last year we put in a half dozen asparagus plants in our community garden, knowing full well we’d likely never taste a spear.  I’d dream about fruit trees, hazelnut bushes, strawberry patches and blueberries galore.  

When we got this land, I was woozy with joy.  I was also worried that maybe I didn’t like gardening enough, that I didn’t like work enough, and that we’d leave this whole lot covered in grass and dying trees.  Did I have the wherewithall and follow through to make my dreams fruit?

As I started planning I realized that I did not have the expertise to plan something of this magnitude.  Granted, I could tear up the ground and shove stuff in and water it.  Likely some of it would die, most of it would grow, but only a few things would thrive.  Before wasting all that time, energy, and money we decided to pull in some experts.

Today I met with the permaculture consultants.  I brought out my four pages of dreams.  A passive solar greenhouse, a fish pond, a chestnut tree, duck coop, beehive, fruit trees, hazelnuts, mushroom logs.  The list goes on.  They loved it.  They didn’t scoff or shut me down.  They let me dream and took away all that information to organize my dreams (our dreams) to fit our yard.  They’ll bring me back a blueprint and a multi-year plan and a detailed plant list.  I’m giddy.  Dreams just might come true.  Part of me thought they never would.


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