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Moving Forward

on January 20, 2010

Today I talked with the permaculture designers. We scheduled a walk-thru of the (our!) property on Feb. 4th. I can’t wait! I’ll finally get to see the design. So far it’s all been so abstract.

Incidentally, the reason we scheduled the phone conference was less exciting. P and I have had a couple of estimates for tree trimming and removal and it’s left us rather confused. We have a large silver maple that the designers said should go. The arborists said it should stay. We were torn. Afterall, who wants to cut down a large, healthy tree? It’s heartbreaking, really. But if we kept the tree, we’d have to sacrifice the chestnut and a few fruit trees. Ugh. Additionally, two green ashes on the east side of our property are ear marked for removal, too, along with the dead apple on the north edge. I feel rather destructive taking out all these giants. We’re keeping the Norway maple. And we are planting more trees, we are taking out lawn, we’re doing good things. Right? Right??

I think we’ve decided the silver maple will go. We’ll leave a “snag” upon which we’ll grow vines, tack birdhouses, bird feeders and maybe even the apiary.

And all said and done the tree trimming and removal will cost significantly less than we originally thought. More money for plants! Good news, indeed.

AND I almost forgot.  I got into the Beekeeping for Northern Climates class after being waitlisted for two years.  YAY!  It’s a two day seminar with honey tasting.  Can’t wait.


One response to “Moving Forward

  1. Katrina says:

    Yay for beekeeping class! I can’t wait to hear about this little adventure.

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