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Hither and thither

on February 19, 2010

We stayed with my in-laws over Thanksgiving and my ever-thoughtful MIL gave me an Amaryllis bulb kit to “remember my dad and grandma over the holiday season.”  I almost cried.

We keep our house pretty cool, so we didn’t get a December bloom.  Instead we got a Valentine’s bloom.  All the more fun.  I was able to watch it grow for almost three winter months.

It’s finished blooming now, but I’m going to follow the directions on the box and plant it out this summer and try to force it again this winter.  So fun!

Speaking of the Valentine’s holiday, P, as usual, made me a fantastic dinner.  Homemade gnocchi, sustainably-harvested parmesan-crusted seabass, and a special wine.  Delicious.  The lightening was terrible, so I didn’t get a worthy picture of the dinner.  I did, however, get one of the very festive potato that was spared the ricer during the dinner preparations.

I’ve started planning the garden in earnest.  The first of the seed orders came in yesterday.

I’m very excited about the celery and the belgian endive.  If you’re not familiar belgian endive is grown like a carrot root over the summer and then the roots are harvested and stored.  Over the winter you can “force” the roots indoors (in darkness!) to create compact, blanched heads of endive.

I know spring is around the corner.  The birds are decimating the bird feeder lately – I’m not sure if it’s late-winter sparseness elsewhere or beginning migrations, but lordy, those sweet little feathered fluffs can sure eat!


One response to “Hither and thither

  1. Katrina says:

    I’m so excited for you!

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