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Finished Objects!

on March 12, 2010

Ahhh, spring break.  I woke up, voluntarily, at 7am and got to work.  Lookie what I finally (started and) finished!

A cover for our wool comforter!  It’s a monster – the finished size was 91″ x 104″.  Wheew!

A vendor at the local farmer’s market sells these wonderful wool comforters.  I had been oogling them for some time.  As a wedding present Mr. Sweetness himself bought one for me us.  What’s that?  I got hitched a year and a half ago?  Yes, yes, it’s true.  I should have done this ages ago.  But my sewing machine was broken or I didn’t have the fabric or I didn’t have the time or I didn’t have the snap press.

Speaking of snap press.  Check out those snaps!  Aren’t they awesome?  You might have to play a little “Where’s Waldo” to find the white cover on the brown print.  But it’s there, I promise!

The comforter now adds a lovely splash of color to the bedroom, and I no longer have to worry about the naked comforter getting (anymore) dingy.

And, much to my relief, I finally finished The Chalice Blanket.

This knitting project pretty much spanned the winter.

I’m forgetting the finished size, but it’s big enough for a twin bed.  In our house it will live on the couch. It’s long enough for P and I to share while watching a movie, but not so wide that it gets in the way.

I love it.

The pattern is just bold enough to stand out amongst the yarn’s variegations.

But simple enough to suit my tastes.

Did I mention how soft and cozy it is?  How much warmth it provides without being overbearing?  It’s perfect.


One response to “Finished Objects!

  1. Katrina says:

    Lovely! And that last post made me laugh hysterically (definitely NSFW).

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