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How the green things grow…

on May 13, 2010

Ornamental grass

The gorgeous garlic

Allium ready to bloom

I think we inherited a gooseberry bush.  Even though I didn’t like them the first time I had them, I suspect I will be learning to like them.

Lily of the Valley

And a few things I picked up from the plant sale:

Aren’t these ADORABLE?  I love them.

And the bargain of the week – an $8 hardy peach.  I really wasn’t going to get into fruit trees this year, but it’s too late.  I’ve got three apples in the ground and a peach and cherry waiting their turn.  Can’t stop fate.


2 responses to “How the green things grow…

  1. Katrina says:

    I am so excited by these plants! Can’t wait to see how the fruit trees do.

  2. minervino says:

    Great! I have planted 2 trees of olive

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