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Oh, Summer.

on July 22, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I seem to have a hard time blogging when summer is around.  It’s just so distracting – and short.  It’s really too bad because summer is when there are so many interesting things to blog about…

Recently we had a glut of small onions from thinning the onion patch.  And so I made caramelized onions.

I used the paella pan as I needed maximum surface area to facilitate evaporation.  I used a mix of fats (butter and olive oil) totaling 1 Tablespoon for every two cups of onions.

At first, they barely fit in the pan, but soon they started cooking down…

and down….

and down…  Although I was so excited about eating them, I didn’t get a final picture.

After 2 hours, the giant pile of onions had cooked down to two cups.  They were a rich brown and very sweet.  I say “were” because they are no more.  We ate them in crepes with goat cheese, spread on sandwiches and in hot dogs.  I froze a bit of them to use on some pizzas.  Delicious!  What’s your favorite thing to do with caramelized onions?


2 responses to “Oh, Summer.

  1. I love caramelized onions! They’re almost the only way I eat onions at all. They’re delicious on pizza and steak, but my boyfriend will only eat them if I mix them in with ground sirloin for burgers. With some Worcestershire sauce and garlic they’re fantastic!

  2. Katrina says:

    I give them to my mom! I don’t like onions unless they’ve been cut up nice and small and are only there to add an extra layer of flavor.

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