Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

Down but not out

on October 2, 2010

Oy Vey!  This semester is a doozie.  I’ve either been in class 4-5 hours a day or working every day since… before Labor Day.  But let’s not think about such things.  Let us, for the sake of sanity, think about other things.  Wonderful things like…

Lard!  After some serious hunting around town I managed to track down some pure, unhydrogenated lard with no additives (and cost less than $8+/lb).  That stuff is hard to find.  But it’s worth it…

Have you ever had lard pie crusts?  Divine.  Rich, flakey, and easy to roll out.  We even made some teeny, tiny mason jar pies like this.

But lard has so many other good uses, too, including a batch of homemade soap.  I’ve made two in the past few weeks, but only one (on the left) has lard.  They’re both enriched with coconut, hemp, and cocoa oils to combat winter dryness.

Let’s think about apple picking…

and canning…

and freezing lots of produce.

Let’s think about knitting…

and knitting (this color show a brown hat.  It’s actually a lovely green)…

a wee bit of crochet.  I think I’ve been using the knitting needles for stress relief.  Fortunately, no one has been hurt.  Yet.

Let’s think about harvesting…

bok choi…


winter squash…

sweet potatoes (!!!)….

and watermelons.

While thinking about winter, I bound a piece of wool for a nice winter blanket.  It’s already in heavy rotation around here.

I made some spore prints to verify that our Garden Giant mushrooms were actually what I thought they were.  All tests checked out and we ate them right up.  Yummy!  We’d eat more but the squirrels keep digging up the mushroom bed to plant their fall harvests.

We took a little trip to visit P’s grandma for her 80th birthday party.  Fun was had by all.  These bottles were in the restaurant and, thinking they were silly things, we picked them up for a photo.  They were made of glass and filled with liquid.  SO HEAVY!  But hilarious nonetheless.

I’ve even found a few minutes to enjoy the late fall garden

Sunflower Heliopsis


Jacob’s Ladder

and some lovely roses.  As a side note, this rose plant came to me free last year because it was so poorly pruned and heavily diseased.  A little TLC this year and I’ve been richly rewarded.

And, sadly, now it’s time to think about homework.

*I was super geeked out to find rhizobia nodules on the roots of the soybeans.  If you’re wondering, it a bacteria that lives in symbiosis with legumes (beans/peas/etc) and allows the plant to get its’ nitrogen needs from the air rather than the soil.  A huge advantage and much exploited in organic farming.


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