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A few thoughts for a post-election day

on November 3, 2010

My first political lesson:

When I was eight years old I asked my dad what the difference was between a Democrat and a Republican.  He replied, “Democrats are for the poor people and Republicans are for the rich.”

My second:

“We don’t vote.  It doesn’t matter.  Think about it.  You cast one single vote in a sea of millions.  It does not matter.” – My mom

My third:

(edited to less, uh, colorful wording) “They’re all liars.  Every single one of them.  You can’t get into office without lying to everyone.” – My dad


“I vote to reserve my right to complain.” – My dad


The US has been a country for 234 years.  Women have been able to vote for only 90 of those years.


I vote.  I vote to reserve my right to complain.  I vote because I have a hard-won right to vote, a right I should not take for granted.  I vote because it does matter, because in the last two elections the margins have been terribly slim and the consequences enormous.  I vote even though I sometimes feel disenfranchised and ignored by most politicians.

“The penalty good (wo)men suffer for not getting involved in public affairs is being ruled by evil men.” – Plato



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