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A trip to the arboretum

on December 2, 2010

It snowed a few weeks ago.  I assumed the first snow wouldn’t stay, because the first snow never does.  Well, it did.  The ground is now completely frozen solid (believe me, I know.  I tried to dig out the last of the carrots, leeks and beets the other day.  It didn’t happen.)  But that’s okay.  I still haven’t posted pictures from a field trip a few weeks ago to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  So, in memory of warmer days…



fall maples


Sedum (one of my favs)


Clamantis (another fav)


Witchhazel (dare I say this is another favorite?)

A plant that flowers in fall and arrests seed development until spring.  Cool.


Dahlia with Honeybees (I heart honeybees)


An Evergreen (A Hemlock, I think)


Gardenia from the greenhouse

The girly girl in me loves these so. very. much.


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