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A few things

on February 16, 2011

I’ve got a pair of wool socks on the needles for P.  It’s another Cat Bordhi pattern.  I just love how flexible her patterns are and how nicely they fit.  This photo is a few weeks old.  I’m now just finishing up the leg.  They’ve been stalled, however, as my wrist has been awfully sore lately.  (the light and dark sock were NOT intentional – it’s from the same ball of  yarn!  They just ended up this way.  P is convinced they’re just going to hang out in the lost-mate bin because, looking so different, they’ll never be properly paired.  Of course I’m hoping they’ll be so comfortable he’ll always be looking for them…)

I think this lovely piece of the knitting is the culprit behind my sore wrists.  Cabling and knitting continental just don’t mix for me.  Something about the leverage and angles and tension… I need to knit English when I cable, but I loathe holding the yarn in my right hand.  Anyway, this beauty is the first of many, many pieces for the sample cable afghan I’m working on.  It’ll be ages until it’s finished, especially my wrists keep rebelling.

These fingerless mitts are for P.  They were suppose to be a Christmas present, but ended up being a January present.  It’s a lovely wool and silk mix and they almost shimmer in the sunlight (in a manly way, of course).  They’ll be so nice for springtime!


One response to “A few things

  1. […] finished P’s new socks* just in time for his solo vacation to Portland.  He wore them out of the house and for on for two […]

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