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A sweet surprise

on April 27, 2011

Early this morning I got a call from the post office.  The bees had landed!  But I had a full day at school and wasn’t able to pick up my charges until almost 5pm.  By then the post office had left four messages on the phone.  The workers seemed pretty excited, it’s not too often something this cool comes through the Saint Paul post office!

That is the same box the bees were mailed in.  When I picked them up the box was warm, humming with activity.  I was smitten.  Ellie was… curious.  But kept a safe distance.

Despite the snow flurries, P and I drove up to the farm to install the hive.  I was so nervous, but I had watched enough you*tube videos, read enough beekeeping manuals, and it went like clockwork.  

Opening the package.

The Queen!  (and a few workers)

Just pour them out.  Just like that.

That is the last time the hive will look that clean.

I survived with no stings… until I walked away and took of my veil.  When I was in the nearby garage a bee escaped my clothing and stung me on the neck.  OUCH!  Tomorrow I drive back out to make sure they’re eating the sugar syrup.  They need to be fed until the nectar flow is in full swing – sometime in June.  P and I are both excited to get our own hive next year.  So cool!


One response to “A sweet surprise

  1. San says:

    That is sooooo neat! Happy bees, happy plants, everyone wins.

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