Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

on May 24, 2011

Heavens, I’ve brought home too many plants lately!  That’s the “problem” with running on plant sale, volunteering at another, working on a farm, and having friends with perennials!  I’ve been busy in the garden and here’s a little peek at what’s been going on:

A few volunteer Forget-Me-Nots have been blooming.  How I love these sweet little flowers.

Blue fescue

Garcia the (tiny) cherry tree

The lilacs are blooming heavily after a good prune last year.

Lungwort – one my favorite new foliage perennials.  Look at those lovely sliver splotches!  It reminds me “splatter painting” which I loved when I was a kid.

Asiatic or oriental lily?  I can never remember the difference.

I have hopes we’re going to have a nice strawberry harvest this year!

I picked up this rhododendron on a whim, not realizing how big they would get!  Heavens, where am I going to put it??

Pardon the interruption, but this is the enormous log mess in the middle of the yard!  The log pieces are so big it’s going to take the better part of the summer to break them down into stackable pieces.

This is the witchhazel that promptly defoliated after I planted it last year.  It looked dead this spring so I bought another.  And then, of course, the old one sprung back into action!  Now I need to find a home for both of them since I didn’t realize they’d get to be more than 20×20′.  Yikes!

One of the many hostas I’ve collected this spring.

Ok, I know I say this about a lot of plants but Lamb’s Ears are one of my very favorite plants.  I can’t wait until this little guy is big enough that I can pick leaves and carry them around with me.  They’re so fuzzy!

One of my teeny apple trees that I started from scion wood and rootstock last year.  Doesn’t it look healthy and happy?

I have a “thing” with starting lavender from seed.  This little guy was started a few months ago and is now 1.5″ tall.  It’s a silly thing to do here in the north where lavender doesn’t reliably winter.  But still, I’ve twice wintered lavender I’ve started from seed but have never had much success with lavender from commercial transplants.  I have big dreams of someday having a robust, perennial lavender patch! 

The few beds the previous owners left were weedy and out of control.  I’ve slowly been trying to remake them.  Here’s the front (full shade) garden.  I wish I had a before shot!

All three of our blueberries made the winter and one is flowering quite heavily.  I’m looking forward to a few of these lovely treats!

The peas were slow this spring because it was so cold.  They’re finally getting a move on.

I’m hoping this funny little plant will be the star of this year’s garden.  It’s an artichoke!  I’ve got five of them and, with the cold spring, I’m hoping they’re properly “vernalized” so they’ll flower the first year.  Here’s to hoping!

I love zone four hardy succulents. 

Ellen (named after my grandma) the peach tree is flowering!  I realize some might find it strange to name plants, but I’ve always named most things in my life so it feels perfectly logical to me.

“Banana cream” shasta daisies.  I’m not sure if I like these yet but they were free so I’m trying them out.  (Side note: Daisies are one of my favorite flowers, but I’m a little ambivalent about yellow ones.)

Last but not least, last year’s shittake logs are fruiting!  The mushrooms are so much better than the store varieties.  I’ve been enjoying them with pasta and in omelette.  Delicious!

Whew!  That does it for the garden tour this time around.  Hope you all are enjoying the warm(er) weather.


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