Eat, drink, (garden, knit, quilt, think, fix, read) & be merry

Going through boxes of old stuff I found this:

on July 2, 2011

Mar. 27, 1995

John just did it again.  I feel so dirty.  I hate it when he touches me.  It started I was sitting on the floor of the office and he grabbed my arm and said “come here.”  I knew I fought it.  Then I left.  Then mom came in to my room and said I had to.  Why does she make me?  And it happened.  I feel so bad.  So dirty.  So icky.  So stupid.  So scared.  John yelled this morning Again.  They always ask what wrong over and over then make fun of what I tell them.  I feel like such an idiot.  I’ve just totally lost my apetite.  I was hun (that’s all I wrote, I was 13).


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