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Coming off the needles

on October 25, 2011

A few things have come off the needles as of late.  That doesn’t mean they’re all finished per se, but close enough.

The calorimetry.  I must have knit and frogged this at least seven or eight times.  I didn’t like the short row holes and it took a while to figure out how to neatly finish the pattern without them.  But the ninth or tenth time was the charm.

See?  Are the turns purty?  The final time only took about two hours to knit.  This thick, toasty wool topper has been seeing a lot of playtime so far this fall.  Love, love, love it.

Ok, so this doesn’t technically qualify as knitting.  It’s the quilted blanket I’m making from my dad’s old flannel PJs.

I’m hand quilting it, so it’s going to take a while.  But now that is colder I don’t mind sitting now and then to stitch on a warm quilt.  If the applique looks familiar the birds are simply sized up from this book.  I added the moon.  I just love how the flannel squares look like a twinkling night sky with a new moon and the shadow of two birds on a branch.  It’s so quintessentially my dad.

I’m nearly finished with P’s EZ’s Classic Brooks Sweater.  It’s a merino/alpaca/tweed blend and the yarn is so soft to work with.  Love.  The arms came out a little long, but the rest of the fit is really nice.  I had to rip back the epaulets in order to lengthen them, but it’s just an hour or two away from being blocked.

The baby blanket is done and just needs blocking.  It’s lovely.  Perhaps it’sa teeny bit itchy for new baby skin, but it will make a nice lap throw for the baby’s wool-loving parents or a cover for the stroller.  Their babe is due mid-January so I have no doubt it’ll get a lot of love.

And this little lovey just needs a face.  It came out better than I was expecting.

The garden’s last sunflower.  The garlic was planted earlier in the week and will be mulched on the next sunny, warmish day.  I love planting the spring garden, I love the lushness of the summer garden, and I love putting the garden to bed in the fall.  It’s a little sad to say goodbye, but spring will be here soon enough.


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