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on February 27, 2012

Yesterday P and I drove down to the farm to check on the honeybees.  I was nervous.  I had heard reports of hive losses from several beekeepers and I was steeling myself for a hive of dead bees or, worse, an empty hive.

I popped off the telescoping cover and peered down through the slot in the inner cover.  I saw several bees, frozen on the frames, and my heart sank.  But as I looked deeper in the hive, I saw more bees and… they were moving!

I popped off the top deep (it’s a three-deep system) and, sure enough, a dense ball of bees were huddled on the center frames of the middle deep.  It was too cold to pry out frames and look more closely, but I dug the frame tool down into the comb to check for honey.  It came out dripping and P and I shared a little bite.

I was ecstatic.  Not wanting to chill the bees further, I reassembled the hive but put my ear down to the top-bars before sealing it up.  And I heard, nay felt, that deep, resonate humming that sounds to me like the current of life itself.

I’ll be back bearing pollen patties in a few weeks.  If they’ve made it this far, there’s a good chance they’ll be a strong colony this summer.  Pure joy.


One response to “Honeybees

  1. Tracie says:

    Awesome!! I’m happy to hear that they were buzzing away in there.

    Fresh honey is such a wonderful thing.

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