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Stitchin’ from Stash Fabrics

on July 11, 2012

Hi Friends!

My first round of summer classes ended last week, giving me a little hiatus on Thursday and Friday.  It was wonderful (despite the days of 100+ degree heat!).  I spent a few hours in the basement honing my sewing skills and here’s what I came up with:

A new pillowcase!  I used this tutorial and it came together like a dream.

It’s a little big for my pillows, so next time I might shrink the length measurements by 2-3″ and the width by 1″ and it would be about perfect.  Still, I love it.  Even though the white clearly shows my kitty’s hair.  Ew.

You aren’t able to see the tidy french seams on the inside, but trust me, they’re there.  And they’re so tidy!

This tote has been on my sewing queue for an awfully long time.  To tell the truth, I was a little intimidated.  I needn’t have been.  The tutorial is clearly illustrated and very detailed.  This also came together wonderfully.  If I were to make it again, I might make the bag slightly narrower and I’d use heavy-weight interfacing for the main bag construction.  Other than the slight floppiness, I love this little tote and it’s great for knitting supplies.

Unfortunately, the camera really didn’t pick up the lovely greens in the batik, so they look much more muddied than they really are.

I also made a cute little wallet a few weeks ago.  I haven’t been able to finish the closure because I’ve misplaced part of my snap press, but it’s still getting a lot of use.

It came out a little too big for my tastes.  I think that’s partly because I didn’t use wide enough seam allowances.  Also, the cards don’t fit very snugly, but that also may be because of the seam allowance problem.  It’s still cute, though, and it was fun to sew.

And, last but not least, I whipped up a little soft case cover for my new Mac*Book A*ir!

It’s quilted on the inside and makes a snug little home for the traveling computer.  The little green pouch is a cable-carrier.

It also needs a few snaps and is awaiting recovery of the missing part, but that hasn’t stopped me from toting it around.

I love that black and white fabric.  Wish I would have bought a little more.

Seems like I always buy too little of the good fabric and too much of the stuff I quickly grow tired of.  Does that happen to you, too?


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