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Two Weeks!

on April 4, 2013

In just a hair over two weeks I’ll be finished student teaching.  Finished!  I can hardly believe it.  These past two weeks have been brutal.  It’s the end of the quarter, I’ve been teaching full time, I’m planning my first-ever full three week unit, and I had my first task of the T*PA due.  OMG.  No matter how hard I’ve run I’ve been desperately behind, flailing through life.  Nothing was getting finished and nothing was getting done well.  P got me through with substantial and delicious homecooked meals, and the occasional pint of ice cream.  But there is a light at the end, and it’s getting brighter.  Or maybe that’s just spring finally arriving!  

Tonight P is gone.  He’s in Balt*imore for a long weekend of baseball with his dad.  I’m thrilled he went.  He so rarely does anything just for him.  It’s quiet in the house, mostly because I’m not talking.  It’s been a while since I’ve sat in silence, with nothing desperately knocking at my conscious.  I still have plenty to do, but it’s nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.  I’ll admit, it felt weird coming home to quiet and solitude.  I was nervous.  But I’m over it.  This is luxurious!

It’s so heartening to reflect on how far I’ve come over the past four years since returning to school.  I’ve really settled into myself, and into a small community.  I love (most of) where I’m at – personally, professionally, inter-relationally.  It feels so warm and cozy knowing I’m safe, I’m loved, and I have a future.

I have so much more to reflect on.  But I’ve been running full speed for the past sixteen hours.  Last night I had 2.5 hours of sleep.  A new library book waits on my night stand.  And a kitty needs some snuggles.  Good night, friends.  As P would say, “see you on the flippity-flop.”  


One response to “Two Weeks!

  1. kate1975 says:

    Thinking of you. Good luck with all of this. Good and healing thoughts to you.


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