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Back to school – for the first time.

on September 3, 2013

FIrst day of teaching was a success!

Some parts of the day were a bit choppy, and I’m learning some quick lessons (if you don’t tell them to take their papers with them… they leave them on the desks), but overall things are off to a solid start.

Last week, as I posted the “I can” statements based on the priority standards, I kept reflecting on all the skills and knowledge students develop over the course of a year.  And then I realized that by the end of the year I will (hopefully) be able to say, “I can teach…” and list all of those statements.  Kind of cool.

And really, really exhausting.  My back ached by the end of the day.  And my throat hurts.  I feel like I’m getting sick, but other teachers assure me it’s just the first week adjustment.  My body has to get used to being in “teacher” mode – projecting voice, constant awareness, non-stop movement.  

It’s good.  Very, very good.  


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