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A few thoughts for a post-election day

My first political lesson:

When I was eight years old I asked my dad what the difference was between a Democrat and a Republican.  He replied, “Democrats are for the poor people and Republicans are for the rich.”

My second:

“We don’t vote.  It doesn’t matter.  Think about it.  You cast one single vote in a sea of millions.  It does not matter.” – My mom

My third:

(edited to less, uh, colorful wording) “They’re all liars.  Every single one of them.  You can’t get into office without lying to everyone.” – My dad


“I vote to reserve my right to complain.” – My dad


The US has been a country for 234 years.  Women have been able to vote for only 90 of those years.


I vote.  I vote to reserve my right to complain.  I vote because I have a hard-won right to vote, a right I should not take for granted.  I vote because it does matter, because in the last two elections the margins have been terribly slim and the consequences enormous.  I vote even though I sometimes feel disenfranchised and ignored by most politicians.

“The penalty good (wo)men suffer for not getting involved in public affairs is being ruled by evil men.” – Plato


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Happy 4th of July

I appreciate a good holiday as much as anyone, but if I’m honest I must admit I’m rather ambivalent about celebrating America.

True, there are a LOT of good things to celebrate – freedom of thought and speech; potable water that comes not only from our faucets, but also from our toilets and washing machines; clean restrooms, a cure for every ailment (should you be able to afford it).  

But it’s a mixed bag, especially for those of us still feeling frustrated from the Bush era.

But, hey, Obama is president now, we’re figuring out how to get out of Iraq, and we’re seriously considering helpful health care reform.  The big steam ship is slowly turning.  Change comes in fits and starts, but I think it’s coming and that feels really good.

So this 4th, P and I combed the farmer’s markets, baked bread, made kimchi, and found enough patriotism to drive up to Avon, MN for a 35th Anniversary broadcast of A Prairi*e Home Com*panion.  We even sung the national anthem.  We topped the day off with a 360 display of fireworks from the top of a planted green roof.  Oh, and we fell in love with another house.  But details are slow moving on big holidays.

The drive to Avon was, in good part, the route we took to visit mi papa when he was in good health and the route we drove multiple times in January to his bedside while he slipped away from us.  Holidays are hard, but driving 94W up through the northern suburbs and out into the prairie, watching the skies open and the fields of corn roll off in the distance, made it feel even more bittersweet.  I’m glad he’s not suffering, but I do miss him.

I hope you and yours found ways to celebrate that felt good and honest to you, too.  And I hope you were surrounded by loved ones and the warm memories of those gone before us.

Dad and Meagan

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